Elephants, Tigers, Palaces, and Paradise…in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with even more beautiful and friendly people. Everyone greets you with a smile….and they truly welcome visitors from around the world. We visited Koh Samui which is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand with pristine beaches, sunsets, and beautiful water.  We chose Koh Samui for our visit because of the time of the year (August) – Gulf of Thailand is less impacted by the rainy season compared to the Andaman sea islands (Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, etc.).


Bangkok is definitely a bit chaotic with never ending traffic but it’s incredible to see the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha contrasted against the dozens of 5 star skyscraper hotels. However, two hours away is the Kanchanaburi Province where they have mountains, elephant camps, tiger temples, and much more to see. We took a tour with Tours with Tong who I would highly, highly recommend if you are in Bangkok and surrounding areas. We did an all day tour – 4:30 am pickup from our hotel in Bangkok with a Driver/Tour guide; visit WWII Bridge over River Kwae; lots of time at the elephant camp (see pictures below) which was my favorite part of our entire Asia trip; delicious lunch; tiger temple visit and return to Bangkok around 5 PM.

After visiting the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, we visited the Sikh temple in Bangkok (Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha) which has six floors. We went there on a random weekday afternoon and ended up witnessing a Sikh wedding while we were there followed by a delicious Thai/Indian langar (free food at any gurdwara in the world).

All in all, Thailand was a relaxing yet adventurous trip. We did not get to check out the Chiang Mai (northern) region which I’ve heard some wonderful things about. Please feel free to leave comments and questions about the pictures and Thailand! Sawasdee (Greeting in Thai).

Make sure to have Thai Iced Coffee and Mango sticky rice along with as many curries and pad thai as possible while in Thailand!!


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