Vibrant Vietnam – Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is a developing and bustling city. It is filled with motorbikes on every street in more than just four directions. It was quite an experience learning how to cross the street since the traffic does not necessarily follow order. The people of Vietnam are hard working, honest, and on a mission to continue improving. The majority of the workers I saw in the capital were women – running stores, restaurants, cafes, banks, and so much more which was empowering and incredible. The food is truly influenced of their history encompassing Chinese and French influences. Vietnamese food is delicious, fresh and filled with herbs rather than heavy curries, spices.

From Hanoi, we took a trip to Ha Long (a UNESCO World Heritage site) bay using tour company called Indochina Junk Tours. We stayed overnight on Ha Long bay and truly enjoyed our time. Ha Long is located in the South China sea and was absolutely serene and beautiful. The bay is comprised of over 1900 limestone formations/mountains. We kayaked in the bay, lunch, dinner and saw sunrise from the deck of the boat.
It was a wonderful trip and I would love to explore other parts of Vietnam on another trip.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask any questions about Vietnam.

4 thoughts on “Vibrant Vietnam – Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

  1. Different landscape from ones I am used to- maybe a little like The River Li in China.
    Thanks for following my posts. Look forward to seeing and enjoying more of your photos.

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