Five favorite photos from 2013!

2013 was quite an eventful year for me – quitting my job of 6 years, moving from NY to Chicago, starting this  blog, and slowly figuring out my next steps. I am so glad that I started this blog as I continue to explore the world and take pictures of people and things I love around the world.  It’s exciting to know that I’ve had over 6,000 views in the last 3 months from 29 different countries! I wanted to share my five favorite photos from 2013 (this proved to be much harder to do than I expected given I had tens of thousands of photos to choose from).

What were some of your favorite places to travel to in 2013?

Fishing village in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Early mornning over River Kwai, Thailand


Shrine in Kyoto, Japan


Road to Vermont

Vermont Mountains in sight

Nighttime in Chicago


Have a wonderful start to 2014 readers and bloggers!

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